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My next stage of projects and the new tools I used

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Aman Mavi
·Jul 29, 2021·

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To further improve my html and css , I have started taking new templates from . My new task is to make the pages responsive , which require observing the change in page layout in real time , so , I use the Responsively app to observe the page layout in different screen sizes. Also, I use several extensions in my visual studio code to make my work a little easier -

  1. Live server: it helps to see the page in real time and inspect the code to find the exact layout .
  2. Prettier : it helps to make the code more organized and clean .
  3. Auto rename tag : if u decide to change a tag name then it will help to edit the end tag with the new initial tag name.

You can also enable autosave in settings ( you wont have to press ctrl+s every time). Here is a short video of my first ever responsive page .


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